Most recent work:

Treemendo was developed to empower people to plant forests. 50% of the global population lives in cities, and is thus increasingly disconnected from nature. Moreover, 20% of the land is degraded and the planting of 1 trillion trees is necessary to achieve the IPCC 2 degrees goals. We created the Treemendo platform because we believe everyone should have the ability to interact with nature and contribute positively to the environment. Join by planting trees.
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To contribute to global climate change mitigation & adaptation and biodiversity preservation efforts, this project develops new ways to stimulate private investments in aforestation. The founding of the RCAforest is part of this. The RCAforest is founded to deepen the connection of RCA students and staff with nature. A first 2 hectare site situated on a hill near the center of bath, is turned into a forest by investment of RCA students. The afforestation improves biodiversity and makes plant and animal species thrive. The RCA forest allows students to grow and source their own timber, exhibit artworks and organise events and excursions.
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Red Mud Design
Red Mud, a.k.a. bauxite residue, is a byproduct residue of the alumina industry. Over 150 million tonnes are produced each year, and left unused in giant pits. This project questions our notion of ‘waste’, and shows the value of secondary materials in a world of finite resources. Working with factories, research labs, and ceramicists, the industrial residue is transformed into ceramic bodies, glazes, and geopolymer concretes.

A collaboration of:
Luis Paco Bockelmann
Kevin Rouff
Guillermo Whittembury
& Joris Olde Rikkert

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Media coverage sample:

Design of capsules for a lifetime living in imaginary worlds.
Three week VR project using RHINO, HOUDINI, MAYA& UNITY3D.
MAY 2018

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